VantageScore engages on social media

Dear Colleague,

How we communicate matters just as much as what we communicate. That’s why we’ve recently launched an aggressive digital and social media program that harnesses all of our rich content and targets the information to those who need it most.

With last month’s launch of our new branding and the VantageScore 3.0 model, we‘ve also expanded our social media presence. Now and in the future you will see our information disseminating out of these platforms:

We’ve devoted much of this issue of The Score to digital technology, including stories about how lenders are using social media. Specifically, we surveyed lenders to better understand how they use social media in their day-to-day operations. We’ve also included an article about how mobile devices are changing the relationship between consumers and their lenders.

And our “Five Questions” with interviewee this issue is Katie Sacksteder, vice president of TRU, a marketing and brand research agency that specializes in reaching the Millennial generation of consumers. She was a keynote presenter at the Consumer Bankers Association’s annual conference in March. You won’t want to miss her insights.

For consumers, our “Did You Know” column answers a question we’re often asked: How many credit accounts do I need to have a good score? Our answer might surprise you. We’ve also included an article that answers the question “Is a low credit score better than no score at all?”

All the best,

Barrett Burns

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