A Year of Accomplishment

Dear Colleague,

As 2014 winds down, we look back on what’s been a year of steady progress for VantageScore Solutions, the VantageScore credit scoring model, and our goal of greater access to responsible, sustainable credit for all consumers.

This, the first full year the VantageScore 3.0 model was in the marketplace, we saw several of its key benefits embraced by industry leaders and consumer advocates and even emulated by our erstwhile competition:



We at VantageScore Solutions are grateful to all who supported us during 2014, and we look forward to continuing the charge in 2015, bringing credit scoring that’s more accurate, more consistent, and more inclusive to lenders and consumers across the nation.

This edition of The Score marks a departure from past year-end issues. We’ve historically devoted our December newsletter to a round-up of our favorite items from the preceding months, but this year we have too much to talk about to indulge in a long look back.

Let this introduction suffice for reminiscing, then. The rest of the issue covers our latest white paper, Implementing Credit Scores within Lender Strategies; healthy-credit tips to take before the New Year; a Did You Know article on percent of credit used, an important factor ; and a Five Questions With profile of a certain Man in Red who’s very much in demand this time of year.

Please enjoy this issue, and a happy, healthy holiday season. We’ll see you in the New Year.


Warmest regards,


Barrett Burns


Barrett Burns is president and CEO of VantageScore Solutions, LLC.

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